Senior Information

Are you considering your options now – 50+ Housing?
Sometimes we find that the spacious home becomes too great to maintain both financially and physically.  

Are you trying to determine your next step?
It can be overwhelming since there are many decisions to make.
  • I can review your current situation and provide consultation that may assist you in making those decisions.  I can offer your information on financing, marketing conditions and 50+ housing. 
  • I have a team of experts and advisors that can assist you in reviewing your options.  They can provide answers on tax laws, probate, estate planning and other equity conversation strategies. 

How can I assist you?
I have 32 years of experience. I am experienced in meeting your specific needs.   We use specialist in our health needs so why not in our housing decisions? 
I can offer you:
  • A tailored plan for your situation
  • Options that are available for seniors, housing, reverse mortgages and referrals for experts
  • Resources to help you get where you are going.

Is it time to move forward?  Call Me!

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Maryann D'Agostino
Maryann D'Agostino
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